Saltaire Brewery, featured in April's Best of British Beer Club

Best of British Beer Club: April 2022

In February we had a lovely trip to see the team at Saltaire. We were really impressed with the brewery and the efforts they go to making sure their beer is as good as it can be. The commitment to quality was apparent in everything they do. We plan to work with them a lot over the next year so have featured them in April's monthly club. 

Check out the tasting notes here to see who else has made it and have a go at this month's pub quiz ! 

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At Saltaire we’re passionate about how we make our beer – it’s the only way we know! Truly independent, we don’t compromise on quality and we’ve been making internationally award-winning beer this way since 2006.
Based in Shipley, West Yorkshire, we’re making tasty beer in all formats to send around the UK and across the world. Casks and bottles remain firmly at our core and they are now joined by cans of modern craft beer and bottles of authentic continental lager.
Whilst we’re known for our flagship Blonde, we also have a range of best-loved beers. From our multi award winning speciality stout, Triple Choc to our vibrant American pale, Cascade.
Our Taproom is open to the public, attracting the local community since its launch. With six hand pumps dedicated to Saltaire beers, it’s an impressive venue, with a wonderful outdoor space that’s ideal for the summer months.
Creating honest beer with real character is at the root of our brewery. The production team is led by Ben Pearson, a talented brewer who cut his teeth at the fantastic Rooster’s Brewing in Harrogate before joining us in 2018 and deservedly working his way through the ranks. He is ably supported by Rob Cooke, our development brewer, who performed the same role at BrewDog in Ellon for just over four years.
Central to our belief in making the highest quality beer is using traditional methods, with a modern twist. We call this Beer. Done. Right. This mantra appears on all our products, and we remind ourselves of it every day.

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