Best of British Beer Club : July

Malton Brewery brews its beer in a characterful Grade II listed building located on the banks of the River Derwent in North Yorkshire. This idyllic setting brings back memories of when brewing first started in Malton back in the 1800s.
The brewery currently produces a limited amount of beer per week which makes it one of Britain’s smallest commercial breweries, and as such, our beer is in great demand.
Any visitor to Malton cannot fail to miss the large Yorkshire Pudding Recipe mural on the wall by the Livestock Market. It’s believed to be the first ever Yorkshire Pudding Recipe by Hannah Glass in 1747.
It was whilst admiring and reading the recipe that the idea of a Yorkshire Pudding Beer came to mind. After much research no evidence could be found of a beer ever being made with Yorkshire Puddings before.

Yorkshire Pudding Beer was created by Howard Kinder, the owner of Malton Brewery in the Summer of 2019.
The first brew was made that Summer and it was sold for the first time at the beginning of 2020. It was only on sale for just two hours before it was sold out.
The same thing happened to the second brew; it was completely gone within hours.
It became pretty evident that a brew size of 300 litres was insufficient. We now brew it in 5,000 litres and use over 3,500 Yorkshire Puddings. Each 500ml bottle has half a Yorkshire Pudding in it.
It’s a cracking 3.6% Pale Ale. You will try it once for the novelty, then you will buy it again because you like it! 



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